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190 days ago

Welcome along to the Kapiti Timebank.


Neighbours helping neighbours, exchanging skills and talents!

Ever needed some clothing altered, or to revive a crashed computer, get some gardening help, learn a language for travel or fix a leaky tap? Well help may just be a neighbourly trade away
Timebanking harnesses the wonders of online social networking to help communities share skills. Each member can offer or request services - be they cleaning, carpentry, gardening or piano lessons - in exchange for time credits instead of money. These credits can then ‘buy' another member’s time and skill - and everyone’s time is of equal value. Jack can earn an hour’s credit gardening for Joe, and then spend it getting his haircut by Susan.
Timebanking is a non-profit, grassroots initiative committed to building sustainable, connected community. Timebanks are major assets to communities in the face of natural and economic crises - Lyttleton Timebank was instrumental in the Christchurch earthquake recovery. What’s more, each exchange contributes to building community interdependence, the free exchange of local knowledge, facilitating integration for newcomers, and intergenerational networks.
Kapiti Timebank exists within a growing, thriving network of Timebanks nationally and internationally. Also, it's totally awesome.


How timebanking works

1. People list the skills and experience which they can offer and those that they may need.

2. Everyone’s skills are valued equally - one hour always equals one time credit.

3. Everyone agrees to both give and to receive help, to earn and to spend their time credits.

4. A record is kept of all the time credits earned and spent, using the Community Weaver software on this website.

5. Everyone is encouraged to spend their time credits to allow others the chance to make a difference and feel needed.



Core values of a timebank

1. We are all assets.  Every human being has something to contribute

2. Redefining work.  Work which raises healthy children, builds strong families and makes democracy work needs to be honoured, recorded and rewarded.

3. Reciprocity. Helping works better as a two-way street.

4. Social networks. We need each other. Community is built on sinking roots, building trust.

5. Respect. Respect demands accountability.


Some possible skills

cooking, sewing, cleaning, knitting, painting, working bees, computer help, pruning, music lessons, marketing advice, basic accounting help, listening, spreadsheeting, tuning tvs, using cellphones, nurse aiding, graphic design, patchwork, cleaning, help during illness, window cleaning, craft work, building, use of trailer, shopping, parenting help and resources, parenting support, Japanese, Maori, proof reading, bicycle maintenance, yoga, companionship, errands, ride to Levin or Paraparaumu or Porirua or Wellington, art lessons and much more!!


Cost and Sign Up

Our annual membership charge is $15 waged or $5 unwaged per person/family joining.This helps us with hard dollar costs and in hosting our website. You can pay by cash to the coordinator or online payment at Kiwibank. Account Name: KAPITI TIME TRADING   Number: 38-9011-0863019-00. (Please put your timebank username in the ‘reference’ field.) Thank you.



For more details on Timebanking and how to use this website, please see the FAQs.

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